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Apple Is Facing Issues With The iPhone Manufacturing

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Apple, the tech giant based in California, is encountering obstacles in its efforts to expand production in India. The company has been aiming to reduce its reliance on China for its supply chain and has been sending product designers and engineers from California and China to factories in southern India to train local workers and establish production.

Although Apple has been manufacturing lower-end iPhones in India since 2017, it was last year that marked a significant turning point with Indian suppliers building flagship models immediately following their launch. This was a significant milestone for Apple, as it signaled the company’s ambition to expand its manufacturing capabilities in India and reduce its dependence on China.

However, Apple has faced several challenges in its efforts to scale up production in India. Due to infrastructure issues and other issues, the company is facing hurdles when it comes to quickly expanding its manufacturing in India. There are also issues with the quality controls of the iPhone’s casings. The casings in India have been seeing a high rejection rate and many are not of the quality to send to Foxconn for further production of iPhones. Apple has a target of 0 % chance to fail quality control. But the company is working hard on all the shortcomings.
Apple is not the only tech company looking to expand its manufacturing capabilities in India. Other companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo have also been ramping up production in India, attracted by the country’s large and growing market and the government’s various initiative, which aims to promote local manufacturing.

Despite the challenges, Apple remains committed to expanding its production capabilities in India. The company has been investing in local suppliers and has been working closely with the Indian companies to address challenges. Apple’s efforts to expand production in India are good for the economic growth and is expected to create thousands of jobs and boost the manufacturing sector.

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