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Cold Wave Hits India As The Temperature Drops

by Nidhi
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Winter has come in India and it has brought with it a dense layer of fog that has blanketed the entire country. As temperatures dip and the wind chill factor increases, the country has been gripped by the cold wave. The dense fog not only reduces visibility significantly but also adds a layer of cold to the already chill atmosphere. The fog is caused by a combination of several factors such as moisture-laden air, higher ground temperature, and an absence of open water bodies.

Those who live in the mountains or are traveling to these regions often face a particularly challenging situation as the fog can become so thick that they can’t see their surroundings. This makes traveling hazardous, even in the daytime, leading to people taking alternative routes to their destinations. This can also disrupt air travel, as the flights are either canceled or the pilots take longer routes to reach their destination to avoid the fog.
This winter has brought a lot of treats for nature lovers- cozy winter skies and vibrant sunsets, star-studded skies, and enchanting woodlands. But along with its beauty, the cold wave has come with its share of challenges. From hailstorms in Assam to snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir, almost the whole country is having a cold winter.

The Dal Lake has been frozen and many other water bodies have also been frozen. On 27 December, the temperature dropped to around 5.6 degrees Celsius. On the same day, the temperature in Nainital was around 7 Celsius. It was a bit unique for many who had not expected Delhi to be colder than a hill station. Many train’s timing has also been affected. According to the weather department, cold waves will continue for the next 24 hours and can also last longer. The cold weather has finally arrived and will stay for a good time.

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