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Taiwan Extending Its Compulsory Military Service Period

by Nidhi
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One unique aspect of Taiwan’s society is its enforcement of a compulsory military service for all able-bodied males from the age of 18 for a period of four month (till now). The Taiwanese government has mandated mandatory military service for a variety of reasons. There is the defense of the nation. The Chinese mainland has been an ever-looming threat to Taiwan’s sovereignty, making self-defense an important priority. A formidable military is an important line of defense against any invading forces. Second, Taiwan’s military is active in the region when it comes to disaster relief and international peacekeeping operations. Taiwan’s troops have been involved in disaster relief efforts after natural disasters, as well as humanitarian aid initiatives.

Taiwan’s compulsory military service is an essential factor in its continued independence and stability. The experience of serving in the military gives both current and former servicemen and women the tools they need to fight for the country they love and support. The military also provides a platform for national and international collaboration and dialogue, which is important for the future of the nation.
Now the country is planning for extending this service from four months to a year.

This step is being taken due to the threat of China which the Taiwanese government is fearing. China considers Taiwan as a part of its own and there’s fear that Taiwan may be taken by force by the Chinese government through military intervention. Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has sent a deeper wave of fear across the whole of Taiwan. The decision to increase the timing of military service from four months to a year will take place in the year 2024. The decision will fall on men born after January 1, 2005. The Taiwanese government is hoping to make their citizen ready for any conflict with this decision.

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