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Donald Trump’s theory on US shootings: Guns not the reason, problem is spiritual

by Ayushi Veda
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Former US President Donald Trump recently spoke out about his theory that guns are not the reason for shootings in the United States. Instead, he believes that the root cause is a spiritual problem. Trump made these comments during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

Trump stated that people who commit mass shootings have a “sickness” and a “problem” that cannot be solved by simply taking away their guns. He suggested that there is a need for more emphasis on mental health and spiritual values.

The former president’s comments come in the wake of several high-profile shootings in the US, including the deadly shooting at a Boulder, Colorado supermarket in March 2021. Gun control measures have been a contentious issue in the country for many years, with advocates calling for stricter laws to prevent such tragedies.

Moreover, Trump’s comments were met with mixed reactions. Some agreed with his stance, believing that there needs to be a greater focus on mental health and spiritual well-being to address the root causes of violence. Others criticized his remarks, arguing that the easy access to guns in the US is a significant contributing factor to the country’s high rates of gun violence.

The debate over gun control in the US has been ongoing for years, with advocates on both sides of the issue passionately defending their positions. While many argue that stricter laws are needed to prevent gun violence, others maintain that the right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

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