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Elon Musk To Sue Employees If They Leak Information To Media

by Nidhi
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Twitter has become one of the most followed topics by news enthusiasts. Since the taking over of the company by Elon Musk, there are been so many different developments that it has become quite difficult to follow every piece of news. There has never been a single day since Musk takes over the company that it has not been in the news. takes

Now another piece of news that has been coming up is that Elon Musk is fed up with the leaked news and has issued threatened to sue any twitter employee if they are found to be leaking any confidential information about Twitter to the media. According to the latest news, Musk has ordered the whole of the Twitter staff to even sign a document admitting the warning.

A few days ago, two Twitter former employees have filed a lawsuit against the company saying that the firing of the Twitter staff has been discriminatory, a larger number of female employees have been fired compared to men. Also, recently, the famous singer Elton John has said that he’s planning to leave Twitter.

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