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iNCOVACC, The Nasal Vaccine And It’s Cost

by Nidhi
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The COVID pandemic has been arguably the biggest health crisis of this century. Since the virus first reared its head in late 2019, it has wreaked havoc in all corners of the world, affecting lives and livelihoods in previously unimagined ways. Fear, depression, and anxiety, among other psychological and emotional difficulties, have been widespread as we have all had to adjust to a “new normal”.

Whenever the topic of the pandemic is discussed, so too is the promise of a vaccine. As of now, several vaccines have been approved and are in use worldwide with encouraging results. Finally, in India, an effective nasal vaccine has just been introduced, with the potential to effectively fight off Covid.

The nasal spray vaccine has been developed by Bharat Biotech’s. As the name suggests, the vaccine is administered through a nasal spray instead of an injection. The name of the Vaccine is iNCOVACC. The vaccine will be able for ₹325 per dose at government hospitals, and ₹800 in private hospitals. The vaccine will be available on the CoWIN Website in the last week of January. The vaccine which is developed by Bharat Biotech has been approved by the health ministry. It will be available as a booster dose. The vaccine has shown successful results in the trial and will work great as a booster. With this vaccine, it will be India’s first such booster dose which can be taken without any needle. The price of the vaccine has been developed as a cost-effective which will be available for more and more citizens and will help give precautionary doses against the virus.

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