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Its Official For Athiya And Rahul!

by Nidhi
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The media has been following the Bollywood wedding spree for two years, even in the absence of their lavish ceremonies. However, it’s not just the big fat Bollywood celebrity weddings that have been enthralling the audience with their grandeur. Sometimes, the romance and beauty of weddings can be experienced in small wedding ceremonies.

Today, we witnessed the union of two beautiful couples as they entered the holy waters of wedlock. Rahul and Athiya Shetty are one such couple who have taken the vows of forever and celebrated the day amid a few of their close friends at the Suniel Shetty’s Khandala farmhouse. As wonderful and perfect as the vibe of the wedding ceremony looked, all the attention was solely on the bride, who stepped out in the most incredible wedding ensemble.

The couple took ‘ever after’ to the next level with their couple shoot and wedding pictures, which were shared by Athiya on her Instagram account and which gained blessing from fellow celebrities and a good number of likes. The love and intimate bond that the duo share, was reflected in their pictures. After the traditional pheras and exchanging of lovely gazes, the couple welcomed their future together.

The wedding itself was so elegant and was only celebrated among their closest family members and friends since they followed a no-phone policy to keep their union a private affair. But, it was Suniel Shetty’s gesture of distributing sweets with the media that made the day extra special for everyone.

It’s a real treat to watch a couple in love and the emotions that accompany weddings remain incomparable. To witness the wedding of Rahul and Athiya Shetty was a beautiful experience that kicked off in the year 2023. Theirs is an example of two people in love, who made their special day even more special by taking the help of their family and friends.

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