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Censor Board Grants ‘A’ Certificate to The Kerala Story, Removes Controversial Scenes

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The Censor Board has granted an ‘A’ certificate to the Malayalam film, The Kerala Story, while also ordering the removal of 10 scenes, including an interview with a former Chief Minister. The film, which explores the history of the state of Kerala, has been mired in controversy since its release was announced.The Board’s decision to grant the film an ‘A’ certificate means that it can only be viewed by adults, as it contains scenes that are not suitable for minors.

The decision to remove 10 scenes from the film is likely to generate controversy, particularly given the political nature of some of the scenes.The most controversial scene in the film is an interview with a former Chief Minister, in which he makes comments that are critical of the current government.

The scene has been removed from the film, reportedly on the grounds that it could incite public disorder.The decision to remove scenes from the film has been criticised by some as an infringement of the filmmaker’s creative freedom. Others have argued that the removal of the controversial scenes was necessary to avoid potential political unrest.

The Kerala Story has been widely anticipated as an important addition to the Malayalam film industry, particularly given its exploration of the state’s complex and often tumultuous history. The film’s director, producers, and cast have all spoken out against the censorship of the film, arguing that it is an important contribution to the cultural conversation in Kerala.

The controversy surrounding The Kerala Story reflects a wider debate about censorship in India. While the country has a long tradition of artistic expression, the government has also been accused of censoring content that it deems politically or socially controversial.In conclusion, The Kerala Story’s ‘A’ certificate and the removal of 10 scenes is likely to be a source of controversy in Kerala and beyond.

The decision to censor the film highlights the delicate balance between creative freedom and public order, and the ongoing debate about censorship in India’s cultural landscape.

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