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TV Star Tunisha Sharma Dies By Suicide On Set

by Nidhi
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These two-three years have been a tough time for everyone. We’ve all been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety due to the pandemic. And on top of that, we’ve had to deal with the suicides of some of our favorite celebrities. First, the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput shocked the country. Then this year, there was the suicide of Vaishali Takkar, a famous TV actress. Both of these suicides have left us feeling heartbroken and confused. Now another shocking news is coming. Tunisha Sharma is a famous tv actress who started as a child actress and appeared in many big projects like the movie Fitoor and was working on a fantasy tv show as found dead. She was found hanging from a fan in one of the makeup rooms on the set of her show, Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul.

She was rushed to the hospital where it was already late and doctors declared her dead. She was active on social media and posted a picture of herself on Instagram a few hours before the tragic event. This has shocked the fan and everyone in the industry. The police are investigating the case and more information will come only after the investigation.

The issue of celebrity suicides is a complex one, and it’s impossible to pinpoint one single cause. Mental health issues, the pressures of fame, and the loneliness of wealth can all contribute to the problem. It is important to remember that these celebrities are people just like us, and they deserve our compassion and understanding. Many celebrities have achieved great success, but the world of fame can be a lonely and isolating place. When all of the needs are taken care of and you are surrounded by people who admire you, it can be difficult to find meaning and purpose. For some, the emptiness of fame can be too much to bear.

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